Key skills management in the Operating Room Nursing (KSMOR) project aims to develop the expertise of perioperative nursing. The project is a continuation of the KSM project, which provided information on the key competences of perioperative nursing, of which management reduces adverse events.

Key skill management (KSM) is a method for developing quality work in security critical areas. While the background is largely a technical enhancement of the work process, the approach allows the organizations to develop into a learning community where actions are guided by shared values and goals.

Perioperative nursing is a safety critical work area due to the complexity and time constraints of the operating environment, because it is not possible to work safely without the need for standardized methods and smooth teamwork. Thus, the work consists of a number of key competences, which expertise is supposed to be independent of the individual's competence and a situation in order to carry out the right treatment. However, according to the KSM model, a frequent unsuccessful event is caused by a procedure or protocol, that has not been done correctly or with a sufficient accuracy. Problems and challenges can be caused, for example, by incorrect use of equipment, lack of equipment, and practices where new employees are not adequately trained.

The aims of the project are

  • to increase knowledge on how to develop the perioperative nursing know-how in order to secure the safe treatment of patients in changing technological and human environments,
  • to evaluate of the impact of KSM approach on the process of an operating room,
  • to promote self-evaluation of the expertise of nursing staff working in the operating room,
  • to elaborate and validate a self assessment evaluation form of the operating room nursesĀ“ professional skills,
  • to elaborate an online tool which supports the evaluation and
  • to disseminate the results to all the professional organizations of the participant country as well as in public and private training centers e.g. universities and hospitals.

Testing of the multiskills tables

The experimentation of the KSM approach takes place in 10 University hospitals in France and in at least one hospital per each partner country. The usability of the multiskills tables is tested with arrival phase nurses by using the basic skills table and from the experienced OR nurses by using special surgical area multiskills tables.